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ARO opened on November 11th, 2017, on Østerbro in Odense. The restaurant resides in what used to be an old workshop. Unfortunately, the factory no longer manufactures, but you can now get a sublime meal instead, in this newly renovated building.


Old Factory

The fine-dining restaurant ARO has taken over an old factory. The space has been completely renovated so that it barely resembles a workshop inside anymore. The building's rustic and industrial look has been preserved but is used in contrast to the cozy and modern interior. Despite it not being an official workshop anymore, the restaurant itself describes itself as a “workshop where craftsmen work with ambition with the best raw material available.”


The Team Behind

The team behind ARO are no amateurs! Behind ARO are the Chefs Christoffer Schäfe and Bjørn Jacobsen.
Christoffer Schäfe is originally from Fyn but spent some time gaining experience in Copenhagen at top-restaurants such as d’Angleterre, Geranium and Pluto. He then came back home six years ago and opened the popular restaurant Kok & Vin with Steffen Falkesgaard Hansen.

Bjørn Jacobsen is new to Fyn, and he has spent most of his time gaining international experience. For example, Jacobsen worked at Tetsuya’s in Sydney which is known to be one of the best restaurants in Australia as well as at the now-closed restaurant wd-50 in New York. Besides working at top-restaurants across the globe, he is also a co-owner of popular restaurants in Copenhagen such as Pluto, Otto and the new burger chain Jagger.


The Menu

No dogmas here at ARO restaurant! ARO is a place where everything is allowed, and therefore, in the kitchen, the Chefs like to play and unfold culinary experiments. The Chefs are experts in their field and combine their culinary experience with lots of personality and creativity. The menu changes often depending on new inspiration and season availability. They offer various menus ranging from a 3-course menu to the 'Big ARO' which consists of 7 courses and a wine menu. 


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