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The name sounds Italian, and it is. Mercante on Valkendorfsgade 34 in Copenhagen serves everything you normally travel to the boot country to get; good food and wine that tastes of copious amounts of sun.


Never go wrong with Italian

Nordic food is ultra hot at the moment, and the rustic, of course, has its own charm. But having said that, Italian cuisine is always a classic. Mercante is a sure player on this front, and here you will experience a sea of ​​temptations from Italy's pantry.


The four stages

Enjoy antipasti, primi, secondi and finish with dolci. Mercante also offers an exquisite wine list, which contains all the best that the world of wine offers.

You can either combine your dishes according to your own wishes or choose Mercante's menu, composed by the chef. Mercante will grab you by the hand and lead you through Italy with dishes such as risotto, pasta, fresh fish and delicious, tender meat.


Central location

Mercante is right by Strøget in Copenhagen. The central location makes the restaurant extremely attractive when hunger strikes during shopping or sightseeing.

Step inside in a cozy setting decorated with classic furniture and raw details. Here and there, you will find antique furniture, which adds to the cozy atmosphere.


Your local grocery store

The word mercante can be translated into "local grocery store" and refers to Mercante’s focus on using the best quality ingredients and providing a good and present service. When you come here to eat, they welcome you with open arms.

In addition, you can buy a large selection of delicacies to take home. They offer delicious long-aged cheeses, spicy salamis, prosciutto Crudo, juicy olives, tender meats, fish and pasta coated with parmesan cheese.

It is also possible to buy various utensils in a beautiful design. That way, you can bring home a small piece of Mercante.


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