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Restaurant Abstrakt is in Hirtshals on Sydvestkajen 7A. They serve Danish cuisine, and the plating is always vibrant and full of colour. It has a beautiful view of the harbour to enjoy while dining. They are open Wednesday to Saturday from 17:30-22:00. On Saturday’s they offer Brunch from 11:00-14:00.


Vibrant and Homey

The interior is cozy and simple. The focus is on simplicity when decorating. Plants, candles and paintings. Furthermore, jars, pots, pans and glasses hanging above on shelves throughout the restaurant, give it a homey vibe. The big windows give bright natural light into the restaurant. They also have a bigger space available should you wish to celebrate with a larger company. During the summer, they also offer the opportunity to eat outside in their garden.


Rising Star

Restaurant Abstrak won the awards NM restaurant 2019 and NM Dish of the year 2019. They were also nominated as the ‘Breakthrough Restaurant of the Year’ in The Danish Eating Guide 2018 and received three stars from them. There is no doubt that this groundbreaking new restaurant has proven that they are a team dedicated to the job and their guests, and they will continue to work hard to create delicious and well-thought-out dishes.


Menu or À la carte?

The kitchen power-couple behind Abstrakt restaurant Kamilla Schiøtt and Simon Emil Christensen, serve plates that are full of vibrant flavours and that’s because, at Abstrakt, all products and ingredients have been plucked right when they are ripe for the picking. The menu usually changes every five weeks to make room for new themes and new seasons.

It is possible to choose between single dishes or between 3, 5 or 7-course menus, depending on how hungry you are. At Abstrakt, you will be served a dish that is simple, of the highest quality and is presented with absolute finesse.


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