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The Secret Garden

On Krystalgade 22 in the inner city of Copenhagen is the iconic hotel Skt. Petri. It might be a hotel, but it consists of so much more than just a warm bed to sleep in. By the end of the green escalator behind the hotel lobby is the Skt. Petri restaurant. Here they serve everything from small bites to bigger meals, and they have a remarkable selection of cocktails and wine.


Gastronomy in amazing settings

The ceilings are sky-high in this beautiful building. The restaurant sits in the heart of the hotel in a big open space that is decorated with big green plants and a stylish interior. Even though the room is big, the interior with its high back couches and soft chairs create an intimate experience for you and your company.

It doesn't matter if you are visiting for pre-drinks before a night out, or you are hungry for an all-night culinary experience, Skt. Petri attentive staff is always ready to make your visit something special.


Food from all over the world

The kitchens' repertoire shows masterful gastronomic competence as the quality is as high as the ceiling. The restaurant gets its inspiration from all over the globe, which is why the menu consists of many different dishes, some are delicacies, some are to be shared by the entire table.

Try Skt. Petri’s marinated tuna with avocado and crunchy rice noodles, or the best burger in the city, the PETRI burger. You can also dig into Skt. Petri’s 300-gram grilled ribeye from Uruguay that comes with a delicious pepper sauce.


Charming backyard

During the season from May till September (and if weather permits it), you can enjoy sophisticated cocktails and drinks in Skt. Petri’s cozy backyard. Here its also possible to dig into a delicious crunchy pizza that came directly from the stone oven.

Restaurant Skt. Petri is both for the guest but also for the local Copenhagen resident that appreciates great food, delicious wine and drinks in a setting that emits pure international vibes.


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