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Welcome to Nyhavn 37, a place where you can experience the intoxicating atmosphere that Nyhavn has to offer. It is the perfect place to enjoy everything from cold refreshments to a myriad of tasty Danish dishes.


Beautiful surroundings and decor

Nyhavn usually means outdoor dining and watching the swaying water, but if the weather is disappointing, Nyhavn 37 also has lots to offer inside. The restaurant was decorated by the talented flower decorator Tage Andersen, whose style can be characterized by its beautiful and imaginative work with interior and design.

Once you enter Nyhavn 37, you will see red walls adorned with art and mirrors, and the chairs have all sorts of colours. Some are blue, others yellow, but all have a rustic look. High on the wall, the word “LOVE” is written in luminous letters on a brick wall serving as a mantra for the place.


Breakfast, lunch & dinner

At Nyhavn 37, you can enjoy every meal of the day. Start your day with a delicious breakfast on the terrace while the harbour is still waking up, or come by for lunch or a well-prepared dinner. The lunch menu offers a wide range of Danish lunch specialties. The evening menu offers some of the most beloved dishes from the best cuisines worldwide.

Nyhavn 37 creates food focused on French and Italian ancestry, which they nurture a special love for.


A colourful street full of history

Nyhavn's history dates back to 1673, back when Nyhavn served as a lively trading port with pubs, drunken sailors and loose women. Today, Nyhavn still radiates the same vibrant energy loved by both locals and tourists. In Nyhavn, it is never quiet. The street is full of different sounds: street musicians, bicycle taxis, foreign languages, clinking glasses, boat engines and rattling plates.

If you are merely in the mood for a beer, there is no better place to enjoy it than right here on the terrace overlooking the water, the old wooden ships and the many passing people.


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