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The Garden restaurant & bar invites you to an evening full of wonderful gastronomic experiences from the Nordic and Danish kitchen. The restaurant has King’s Garden as its neighbour in the heart of Copenhagen. It is the perfect place to sit down and enjoy lunch or dinner after a nice walk in the garden.


Cozy atmosphere

At Garden, you can look forward to a ‘hyggelig’ evening in cozy settings. The historic, rustic space has beautiful Danish art on its walls and unique wooden furniture. Both inside and outside, they have flowers and trees to give you the feeling that the King’s Garden is right there with you inside the restaurant.


Danish and Nordic kitchen

The cuisine is Danish/Nordic, and the menu is created based on the available produce of the season. At Garden, they prioritize quality very high, and their dishes are, therefore, always prepared with the highest quality produce. The dishes are fresh and based upon classic recipes with a twist.


Lunch and dinner

The Garden restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner every day of the week. For lunch, they serve Danish tapas with Danish charcuterie and cheeses as well as small seasonal delicacies. They also serve crunchy salads, freshly caught fish and lots of smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches). You can choose between a lot of different types of smørrebrød, depending on your mood.

For dinner, they serve Danish tapas, the Danish catch of the day, Danish free-range lamb, Danish free-range beef tenderloin as well as other tasty Danish dishes. The tasty meat and fish are served alongside artichoke purée, beets, sauce, and potatoes.

Enjoy the food with a glass of wine, a quality beer from Jacobsen, an icy cocktail, or a glass of homemade lemonade. You are also more than welcome to come by for a cold glass of rosé in the summer or a warm cup of hot chocolate in the cold winters.


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