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Toto Vin & Spisebar moved into a space on Amagerbroade 145 in 2017. At this restaurant, you can enjoy a glass of wine and dishes made by an ambitious kitchen that lets itself become inspired by the traditions of the Mediterranean Sea.


Located on Amager

Amager has been in a crazy development restaurant-wise. The past years, more and more gems are coming to the island, and one of them is Toto Vin & Spisebar, which since their opening on the busy street Amagerbrogade has become a hot-spot for the locals as well as the rest of Copenhagen’s residents. With its central placement, you are within walking distance to Amager Cinema and close to both Royal Arena and DR Koncerthus.


Focus on wine

At Toto, the spotlight is on the wines. The wine list embraces most parts of the world and consists of both conventional wines from the famous areas as well as organic, biodynamic and natural wines from smaller areas. Toto always has a minimum of 15 wines you can enjoy by the glass. That way, you can come by for just a single glass in the bar alongside a bite of cheese and charcuterie, or you can choose to dine on good food and wine all night.

To complement the delicious wines, Toto offers an intriguing menu that is inspired by the Mediterranean kitchen. That being said, the kitchen also gets its inspiration from Asian, South America and the Middle East. You can try one or more of their smaller and bigger dishes, or you can dig into their menu, which consists of four courses.


Open kitchen concept

At Toto, you can sit by the counter around the open kitchen and see everything that goes on in the kitchen. You can, of course, also choose to sit by the normal tables in the restaurant which is surrounded by shelves full of wines waiting to be opened and enjoyed in the restaurant's lovely atmosphere.


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