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Kommandobroen is in Hvide Sande, a delightful little fishing town that is considered to be one of Denmark’s most beautiful places. From the restaurant, you can hear the wind from the sea and feel the fresh air on your face. Give yourself a memorable experience dining here at Kommandobroen with a beautiful view, relaxing atmosphere, and good food.


Remarkable experience in beautiful surroundings

When you think of Hvide Sande, you often think of summerhouses and the North Sea waves, rather than gastronomic experiences. Nevertheless, a gastronomic experience is what Kommandobroen by Grantland represents. The place opened in summer 2016 and has since succeeded in bringing the white cloths to the White Sands.

At Kommandobroen, the vision is to give every guest a remarkable experience in quiet and gorgeous surroundings. The staff is accommodative, kind and well informed about what they serve.


Fresh fish, great meat, and a focus on quality

With the harbour right there, it, of course, means that the menu is going to entail a lot of delicious fish. They get their fish right from the harbour and serve it the same day. When it comes to meat, they rely on sustainability and use organic produce – something that is reflected in all the restaurant’s cooking.

For dinner, you should try the chef’s seven or twelve servings. For 598 DKK, you get twelve servings, which include a delightful evening dining on seafood, great meat, cheese, and something sweet to top off the evening with.


The owners of Kommandobroen

The owner behind Kommandobroen is Michael Grantland. When he discovered the building was available, Grantland could not resist. So, since 2016, the restaurant has been thriving and has become a popular spot not just because of the surroundings but for its tasty dishes.

Michael Grantland is a trained cook from the restaurant Sandgaarden in Søndervig. He has since then followed his passion in Denmark and abroad. Grantland also has a spot on the Danish Cooking Team. However, he has now returned to his hometown and is cooking delicious food for both tourists and locals.

Michael manages the restaurant alongside his girlfriend Louise Bjørnskov, who is a trained waiter from Sandgaarden. Together, they make a strong team and now not only manage Kommandobroen but a Tapas bar in the same city called Tapasbaren Lille K.


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