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Evita tener que esperar en la cola por una mesa cuando quieras salir a comer. Reserva tu mesa directamente desde su iPhone. ¿Saliste del trabajo y no quieres ir a casa y cocinar? ¿O quieres un poco de mimo? Sólo toma unos cuantos clics hacer tu reserva. ¿Te gusta el sushi, la comida francesa, escandinava, orgánica o gourmet? En puedes encontrar todo tipo de restaurantes y cafes.

Book a table at Denmark's largest bookingsite, Our iPhone app makes it even easier and quicker to book a table.

With the DinnerBooking app you can:
  • Book a table any time any where
  • Search a restaurant or café from specific search for example name or area;
  • Search restaurants and cafés near you
  • See available times
  • Conoce nuevos restaurantes a través de fotos y descripciones de restaurantes
how do I do
  • Download the app
  • Find a restaurant, choose number of persons, date and time and book a table
  • Sign up and log in
  • Confirm your booking. Most restaurants the sends a confirmation to you by email and/or SMS.

By downloading and using the app you accept our privacy policy and terms.

It is free to sign up and your email address and phone number is only used by the restaurants in order to send a booking confirmation to you. You will not receive advertising or similar without active enrollment.

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DinnerBooking mobile app
DinnerBooking mobile app
DinnerBooking mobile app

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