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Located in the center of Budapest, SOLID is a 'rooftop' wine bar and restaurant, highlighting natural and biodynamic wines on the 7th floor of Hotel Rum. The place has huge windows all around, that gives an impressive view of the Budapest skyline. During warmer days and nights, the roof can be opened, so guests can enjoy the weather and the wines under the sun and the sky.

SOLID is placed right above SALT, a fine dining restaurant that is operating on the ground floor of the Hotel. The two venues are closely linked at several points: in ingredients, flavors, food, wines, and attitudes towards gastronomy, nature and traditions. In SOLID, wines play a major role, and natural and biodynamic wines dominate its wide selection, which contains bottles from the best vineyards in Europe and Hungary.

The SALT team planned the menu for SOLID under the direction of chef René Rába, who works with them for a long time. SALT’s popular bread dish is an essential part of the menu, and René also brought ideas from his childhood memories and grandparents ’recipes in addition to the typical fermented flavors of the SALT family.

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