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MELT Bar & Restaurant


Going back in time - Three floors of entertainment

At MELT you will enjoy luxurious old school cocktails, eclectic cuisine, world class entertainment and an experience unlike anything else in the city!

Pop up cabaret acts every night from our rotating cast of international performers including singers, burlesque dancers, acrobats, jugglers, and so much more! You never know what you will discover when you open the door marked with the golden “M”.

Thursdays we play our very own Burlesque style of Bingo, only upper floor open.

Fridays & Saturdays, full cabaret and all three floors open.



MELT is a multi-level venue. Entertainment can be seen on/from all floors.

The upper floor is our entrance floor. Dinner and drink tables available for online booking. Seats for drop-in available at the long bar.

Down is the lowest floor, dinner and drink tables available for online booking. Seats for drop-in available at the bar. 

Balcony is the middle floor. It overlooks the down floor, only drink tables available.



Do you want to treat yourself a little extra? VIP Drink Package on the balcony available for 6-12 guests, 300kr per person, includes entrance fee, table service, no minimum spending. Requested separately by email:


What are YOU waiting for?

Come experience something new at Melt!



Thursdays 5pm – 11pm

(Free entrance all evening. Upper floor only)


Fridays & Saturdays 6pm – 1am

(Free entrance on Fridays & Saturdays before 7pm,
150kr entrance fee after 7pm)

Note: No entrance fee for guests with dinner reservations


  • All reservations, except for VIP, are 2 hours. Guest are welcome to stay longer if there are seats available in any of our drop-in areas, i.e. any of the bars or on the balcony.
  • The mini debit for a drink table is 300 SEK per person, i.e. if you are 5 persons the table needs to order drinks/snacks for 1500 SEK or more.
  • If late arrivals: we can only hold your table for 15 minutes. Please try to be on time.



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