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In the heart of Frogner, you will find Kolonihagen Frogner, and they serve New Nordic dishes made from organic ingredients from local producers.


Reflects the Norwegian seasons

In the simple and elegant room at Kolonihagen Frogner, the focus is on small dishes that reflect the Norwegian seasons and their different qualities. The dishes change according to which ingredients are in season throughout the year. That way, you know that you will always get the best ingredients available.


Will continue the Nordic food culture

Kolonihagen has some principles that lay the foundation for the operation. The restaurant will continue the Nordic food culture by focusing on animal welfare, organic ingredients, and sustainable cultivation.

"The food has a clear identity well-rooted in the place's modern history but feels safer and more developed than many other restaurants in the same genre." -


Idyllic location in the heart of Frogner

Not only is the food great, but the location is quite the attraction itself. The restaurant is discreetly located in a cozy chalk-white backyard at Frogner. The black bars around the windows set a distinctive frame that draws the gaze into the bright room behind the large glass surfaces.

The tall houses around the small stable make the surroundings especially intimate on an otherwise gloomy winter day. Inside, the interior design is modern Scandinavian design – simple, elegant, and executed in high quality!


Menu-based on small dishes

The menu has several New Nordic dishes with everything from cod to free-range pork. The restaurant recommends ordering 3-5 small dishes per person. If you want to give the reins to the chefs, you can choose the 5-course meal of the day.

You can also order the ‘full package,’ which lets you try all the dishes on the menu. Your waiter will take good care of you and your companions in the best way possible and will answer any questions you might have.

If you want Nordic dishes based on old traditions with a modern twist, Kolonihagen Frogner is the place for you.


Welcome to Kolonihagen Frogner!


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