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Døgnvill Burger Vulkan

Døgnvill Bar & Burger at Vulkan, has for many years, been known as one of Oslo's very best burger restaurants.


High star rating among people who love burgers

Døgnvill has five burger restaurants in Norway: three in Oslo, one in Stavanger and one in Trondheim. Døgnvill Bar & Burger Vulkan has Mathallen as a neighbour and is located in one of Oslo's foremost areas for food. Døgnvill Vulkan has a high star rating among many burger connoisseurs in Oslo.


Simple philosophy

The idea behind the cozy restaurant on Vulkan is quite simple. The restaurant makes tasty burgers for reasonable prices. It is a humble and relaxed setting that suits the place well. They get their meat from Jæren Smak and Albert Idsøe.

Albert Idsøe is Stavanger's oldest company, and the slaughterhouse is a proud supplier of high-quality meat. In other words, you can safely expect a lot from the food here.


The full burger experience

The juicy meat patties sit in the middle of two slices of freshly baked organic bread, and between those two slices rest fresh and tasty vegetables. The baking is smeared with sauces made from scratch, and all the accessories - French fries and dips - are made from scratch by the dedicated chefs here at Døgnvill Bar & Burger Vulkan.

Nothing pairs better with burgers than milkshakes. Here, you can order a thick and delicious milkshake. You know - the kind of milkshake you may not have tasted, but definitely dreamed of.


Welcoming food, interior and funky music

Not only does the food taste good, but it also looks fabulous. The burgers are modern, yet at the same time traditional, fitting well with the classic American diner interior. Even if you have not visited the states, you are guaranteed to recognize the style. The room has mixed elements of industrial interior and modern diner interior.

The music is played by one of Norway's most experienced DJs, Roger Tuuri. He controls the levers and plays playlists within the genres of funk, pop, and rock.


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