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You will find one of Kongsberg's best restaurants a stone's throw from Storgata, more specifically Nymoens Skrågate 2.


Welcome to Marlenes Bistro!

Marlenes Bistro offers several temptations. The interest in food and Norwegian ingredients of high quality must be shared. It is something Marlenes want to do right here at the bistro with you. At Marlenes Bistro, they do not concern themselves with being fancy – they would rather you understand what it is you are eating.

They create everything from scratch here and focus on raw materials that are in season as a starting point. What is most important for Marlenes is that the food tastes great, and it should feel like coming home to the bistro family.


Varied menu

On the menu, you will find everything from salads, fish, burgers to tenderloin, as well as the weekly main course, which is always a splendid surprise.


Stone-oven pizza

The bistro also has a creative pizza menu that offers everything from "The Simple," which is a classic margarita pizza, to the "Nordic Sea," which consists of tomato sauce, mozzarella, marinated shrimp from the Nordic Sea, spring onions and lemon oil.


Family and food

Food is part of great traditions that are rooted in family, for example, grandma’s dinner, grandma’s apple strudel, and so much more. The joy of creating something together, meeting and having a great time together as a small family – these are great values that the staff wants to share with you! Therefore, Marlenes Bistro is very excited to show you what the restaurant has to offer and to invite you in to enjoy a warm meal with the bistro family.

Food plays a big role for each individual, whether it is for everyday dining or larger events. Either way, you often gather around food. A desire to create an experience for others is, therefore, the driving force for everyone who is part of the bistro family, both large and small. Here you should be able to feel at home and be yourself.


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