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“The dinner was perfect. Everything was delicious! And the service was truly outstanding. Super nice staff welcomed us and gave us an extraordinary experience. We will definitely come back” – Guest Maria

“What a terrific place. 15 dishes with very good wine pairings yet not too expensive. The food was fantastic and the service was genuine, warm and professional. Great for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians - Anyone would have a lovely and memorable evening here. Couldn't recommend it enough!” – Guest Hannah

Welcome to Silk Road

A new plant-based restaurant concept located in Skillebekk in Western Oslo. Just a short walk from the popular districts of Solli Plass and Bygdøy Alle, Silk Road is found on a corner near the tram stop in the bright, leafy surroundings of Skillebekk on Munkedamsvejen 100. Like their street food concept in Torggata, Silk Road donates to five Norway-based charities. From the sale of each tasting menu 20 NOK is collected for charity.

The Inspiration

Silk Road takes its inspiration from the cultures of the Silk Road, and blend them with a focus on organic and Scandinavian ingredients wherever possible. The 15 serving 8-course menu takes guests on a journey from the Mediterranean to the Far East that shows what people chose to eat when they didn't have access to animal products or avoided them.

Plant-based Restaurant

Silk Road's focus is to create food that doesn’t include meat. Silk Road believes the biggest challenge for people is climate change and that our choices when it comes to food, affect how the world is shaped. They want to encourage people to cut down on animal products as they believe that by eating more plant-based, we move towards a more sustainable future. To fulfill their concept, they provide delicious plant-based food that never mimics meat.


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