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Enjoy perfectly cooked steaks and a fantastic atmosphere at KöD Oslo on Tollbugata.

KöD is both the name and the theme for their four restaurants, which reside in Aarhus, Copenhagen and now Oslo. The concept is simple: Perfectly cooked steaks with tasty sides, wines of good quality and last but not least: an atmosphere that makes you want to come back.


Meat as the main focus

Meat is the passion at KöD, and it is the cornerstone of their concept. There is no doubt about how important the quality of a piece of meat is: a good piece of meat is characterized by the fact that it can lie alone on a plate. Therefore, they always serve the sides that the guests want in bowls next to it. That way, you can share them among the table as you wish.


A menu full of temptations

Although it is a Danish restaurant chain, KöD's menu consists of meat from Uruguay, the USA, Australia and Norway. So if you want a well-marbled ribeye or a juicy tenderloin, the restaurant will, without a doubt, tempt you. You can even find Wagyu meat on the rich and tempting menu.


Starters, sides, and desserts

In addition to the meat itself, they have a great selection of exciting starters, sides, and desserts on the menu. The menu includes everything from starters such as oysters and carpaccio to desserts such as American apple cake and triple chocolate mousse.

An experience beyond the ordinary KöD’s competent and friendly staff is driven by the desire to give guests an experience beyond the ordinary, where both the mood and the level of service are top-notch.

They look forward to welcoming you to their steakhouse, where you can enjoy a sumptuous dinner in charming surroundings, complemented by fine wine and Oslo's most personal service.


Welcome to a tender and exciting experience at KöD Oslo!


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