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Are you looking for a fresh and funky hamburger experience? Look no further as Døgnvill Burger in Bjørvika in Oslo has everything that you need for a complete burger experience.


Located in central Oslo

Døgnvill has five burger restaurants in Norway: three in Oslo, one in Stavanger and one in Trondheim. The newest addition to the Døgnvill family is in Bjørvika, Oslo’s trendy new area full of food and culture. Døgnvill Bar & Burger is close to both the opera and Barcode. Here, you can have all your burger needs fulfilled.


Inside the restaurant

The restaurant takes its inspiration from classic American restaurants from the ‘20s and ‘30s. The keywords here are railway panels, diner lamps and patterned vinyl flooring.

They also have a bar that is used as a place to work, eat lunch and drink coffee during the day. Once the sun goes down, the bartenders serve the most delicious cocktails.

The bar concept is inspired by the café culture in New York, where workers have the opportunity to drop by for an alternative work environment, to eat simple dishes or to sit and have a cop of coffee.


Proud traditions

The idea behind the burger shop in Oslo's newest and most trendy district is simple and hip. The restaurant makes tasty burgers for reasonable prices. It is a humble and relaxed setting that suits the place well. The meat is from Stavanger, more specifically from Jæren Smak and Albert Idsøe.

Albert Idsøe is Stavanger's oldest company, and the slaughterhouse is a proud supplier of purchases of very high quality.


The complete burger experience

The juicy meat patties sit in the middle of two slices of freshly baked, organic bread and between those slices are fresh and colourful vegetables. The sauces are made from scratch, and all the accessories - French fries and dips - are made from scratch as well by the talented chefs at Døgnvill Bar & Burger.

To pair with the tasty food, you can order a delicious milkshake – you know, the kind of milkshake you have not yet tasted, but only dared to dream of.


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