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Con Fuego

Restaurant Con Fuego is located in Grote Markt in the heart of Breda in Holland. From Con Fuego you have a great view of the beautiful old church, Grote Kerk, which is the most important monument in Breda. The beautiful restaurant is renovated and both the atmosphere and staff are warm and welcoming.


All the best from Argentina

The cuisine is led by chef Reemt the Goorbergh and is mainly Argentine. Only the best quality products reach the kitchen at Con Fuego and the talented chef Reemt and his team are constantly exploring and improving their cooking methods to make sure that you as a guest always get the very best.


For meat lovers

If you are a true meat lover you won’t be disappointed – This is indeed the place for you to go! Whether you dream of a lean sirloin with a unique rind, a tender ribeye marbled with fat or all you can eat spareribs you can get it at Con Fuego.

If it is too hard for you to choose between the different grilled meats and steaks at the menu you can always choose a ‘Con Fuego Mix’ for two persons, which include a mix of some of the grilled favorites. All steak-dishes, except the ‘Con Fuego Mix for two’, is served with crispy fries, tasteful couscous, crunchy salad and a choice of creamy pepper sauce, mushroom sauce or chimichurri.


Unique experience: Try their in-house aged steaks

Con Fuego in Breda also offers a unique selection of in-house aged steaks. The selection consists of Dry-Aged entrcote and the Dry Aged Rib-eye and is an unforgettable taste experience for the true meat lover.

The steaks are aged for a minimum of 28 days in Con Fuego’s special cold room. During the maturation process, the muscle tissue is broken down, which gives the meat a unique tenderness. In addition, the moisture is extracted from the meat, which provides a higher intensity of taste and fragrance.


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