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Arany Kaviár Restaurant

Arany Kaviár Restaurant has existed since 1990 and is one of the most remarkable restaurants in Budapest. It is a magnificent fine-dining restaurant located on Ostrom utca 19 in Hungary. The restaurant is very close to tourist sightings such as the Military History Museum and the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene.


Michelin recommended in 2018 & 2019

“Choose between an opulent, richly appointed room and a larger, more modern extension which opens onto the garden. French and Russian influences guide the creative, ambitious cooking; Hungarian and Siberian caviar is a specialty.”

A beautiful description of the restaurant made by the renowned Michelin Guide. They are also described as a ‘very comfortable’ place to dine as they have three cutlery ‘stars’ in the guide, which is spot on for their luxurious, almost royal-like interior.


Caviar offers

As the restaurant has caviar in their name, they are naturally experts in it. They have exclusive offers such as Siberian Sturgeon Caviar, rare Sterlet Caviar and Beluga Caviar. You can pick and choose whatever catches your eye on the menu, or you can order either a 5x 10gr tasting or the more deluxe caviar tasting with 5x 10gr.


À la carte or Chef's Menu?

The restaurant recommends the Chef's menu for those who wish to dig into their signature dishes. You can add on the ‘Caviar Experience.’ They also offer the ‘Festive Table’ experience for those who wish to celebrate a birthday or a company event. Note, however, that the experience is available for a minimum of 4 persons only and must be ordered 24 hours in advance.

Should you wish to choose yourself, you can explore their magnificent á la carte menu. The Russian dishes offered on their menu have been there for a quarter of a century, which is for sure something you should try!


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