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Onyx restaurant opened its doors in March 2007 in the heart of downtown Budapest. The restaurant is closely situated to the Chain Bridge and is next to the famous Gerbeaud Confectionery and Café. Onyx follows the same philosophy as Gerbeaud does: focus on tradition and innovation. These two sources inspired Onyx’s Head Chef Ádám Mészáros’ cuisine.


Michelin-starred Onyx

In this glitzy restaurant, you sit on gilt chairs, under sparkling chandeliers, surrounded by onyx adornments. Onyx received its first Michelin star in 2011, and in 2018 Onyx received its second star from the esteemed gastronomy guide, which made them the first restaurant in Budapest to gain a double-star rating. In 2019, the restaurant managed to preserve its two stars showing just how determined and talented the team is.



The sommeliers and the Chef Ádám Mészáros carefully select what wine to offer at Onyx. The list encompasses both Hungarian and European wines, as well as continuously expanding offers on organic and biodynamic wines. The list is always changing and developing as the team participate in wine-tastings and visit wine regions as they search for the best wines to pair with the delicious menu at their Michelin starred restaurant.


Delicious Hungarian Cuisine

There is a good reason for why this restaurant can boast of their two Michelin stars. It is because dining at Onyx is an exquisite experience. The dishes here are precisely prepared and intensely flavoured. At Onyx, you have the option of choosing between two different menus. The team puts a lot of energy into using and researching regional ingredients for the first menu Within Our Borders. By doing so, they celebrate Hungarian traditions and ingredients.

The second menu, named Beyond Our Borders, is based on ideas and inspirations from across the world. The Chef puts all his passion into making these dishes. This menu stays rooted in Hungarian flavours but adds modern twists inspired from all over the world, making dining here, an experience you will never forget.


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