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Meet District

In the heart of the Old Porvoo, the second oldest city in Finland and only 50 kilometres east of Helsinki, you’ll find the restaurant Meat District. As the name reveals, the restaurant specializes in meat – and not just any meat. Here they serve high-quality, organic and locally produced meat.


Organic meat

In Old Porvoo, a city known for its riverside warehouses and loved by both tourists and locals, you will find the restaurant Meat District. At Meat District, their concept relies on organic and locally sourced meats and produce. Their great interest in quality meat is visible in their entire concept.

You will not only find meat on your plate but also in the restaurant interior. On one of the walls in the dining room, from floor to ceiling, they showcase the different meat slices in glass display cases.


Scandinavian ingredients & Italian finesse

At Meat District, they combine Scandinavian ingredients with Italian culinary finesse. The popular urban spot is perfect for a divine dinner no matter the occasion, and the prices make it possible for everyone to try without breaking the bank. By using local products and cooking from scratch, the Meat District restaurant keeps its dining experience affordable for everyone.


Share your dinner

At Meat District, it is easy for you to choose. If you are hungry, try their MD burger or Pork & Cabbage dish. If you are very hungry, you should go for their incredible MD experience. Take your pick, and the team of talented chefs will work their magic by transforming local produce into superb dishes for you to share at your table.

Their focus is on meat, but they also care for organic and local vegetables, an important and irreplaceable part of the dishes. If you do not eat meat, the chefs will gladly create and serve you some tasteful vegetarian dishes. Most allergies can also be accommodated – just let them know.


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