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Chapter - Evening Take Away

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Chapter - Evening Take Away

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Chapter - Evening Take Away

Due to the recent virus outbreak, Chapter offers takeout food that can be picked up from the restaurant or arranged to be delivered to your home.

We currently only deliver to nearby neighborhoods (Katajanokka, Suomenlinna, Ullanlinna, Kruununhaka, Punavuori, Kamppi, Töölö, Kallio) with the delivery fee of €4). Please tell us in the free text comment field where the food should be delivered!

Wednesday to Saturday between 15:00 & 22:00 (delivery ends 22:00)

  • ROASTED NUTS € 4, - (V/G)
    Flavored with whiskey & lemon zest OLIVES € 3, - (V/G) marinated with lemon & thyme
  • SOURDOUGH BREAD € 6, - (V)
    A loaf of our own daily baked sourdough bread. We fold fermented beetroot in the dough and don't use any commercial yeast!
  • GLUTEN FREE BREAD € 8, - (V/G)
     A loaf of our own daily baked gluten free bread. Made with buckwheat and seeds.
    A mix of preserved vegetables from last summer & autumn. Pickled, fermented.. of course with a dip!
  • CHEESEPLATE € 14, -(G)
    A selection of cheeses with our homemade condiments
  • SOURDOUGH 'SUB' € 12, -
    Our own sourdough bread, turned into a sub. Gluten free bread available upon request :) 
    • SALMON: charred salmon, yuzu flavored fennel, cucumber & smoked mayonnaise 
    • BEEF TATAKI: hanger steak tataki, mushrooms, mushroom mayonnaise & grilled cabbage
    • AVOCADO: avocado, jerusalem artichoke, vegan yuzu mayonnaise & kale (V)
  • PORK CHEEK "RAGU" with puikula mash 18,- (G)
    Overnight cooked pork cheek with onion, carrot and chili. Served with Lappish potato mash and pickles.
  • FISH SOUP 16,- (G)
    Chapters fish soup made with mussels, fish, potato & dill. Served with sour dough bread or gluten free bread
  • ENDIVE € 11, - (G/M)
    Endive, pickled and roasted quince, vendace roe & katsuobushi
  • KORVAPUUSTI € 2,50
    Freshly baked korvapuusti
    Vegan and gluten free chocolate mousse with pickled black currants and roasted cocoa nibs

v = vegan m = dairy free g = gluten free


Aleksanterinkatu 22
00170 Helsinki