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Sapore Helsinki

We are an authentic Italian restaurant with delight and fashionable gourmance.

Focusing on intimacy and comfort to evoke a nostalgy of Italy. Our menu offers you a new exciting revamp, framing the traditional and familiar Italian flavors and style in a modern setting. All our creations take you across Italy, and our name “Sapore” reflects the taste of the food in all its diversity as it translates from Italian to ‘flavor’ or ‘taste’.

Our aesthetic space located in the heart of Helsinki brings together the aesthetics and Italian cuisine. Celebrating the rich architecture and history of the area, Sapore offers you an elegant and intimate space to experience and appreciate great food and wine. You get to enjoy the aspects of an Italian café, restaurant, prosecco and cocktail-bar all brought together within one space. Our aim is to make you fall in love with the flavors balanced between tradition and innovation as well as the atmosphere.