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Boulevard Social

Boulevard Social – the 3rd BW-Restaurant – was opened in 2012 next to restaurant Gaijin in Bulevardi 6. Dine in this beautiful bistro and feel the bustle of Moroccon spice market, soft breeze of the Mediterranean sea and the colors of Tunisian sunset in the middle of Helsinki.



The unique blends of Greek, Lebanese, Tunisian and Moroccan cuisines define this easygoing and warm-colored bistro. Tasting menus are the best way to explore the many authentic flavours of Mediterranean cuisine. The menus are intended to be shared and allergies and special diets are always taken into account.



Viticulture is considered to have been born, thousands of years ago, in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions; playing a significant role during the glorious days of the Roman Empire. Today, the surroundings of the Mediterranian and Middle East are still known for producing quality wines. Boulevard Social’s wine menu consists of gorgeous and rare Greek and Lebanese wine gems. 


To intensify the whole Mediterranean experience, Boulevard Social’s cocktail menu is based on fresh citrusy flavours, exotic spices and fruity aromas.


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