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The centre of Helsinki is full of restaurants, but there is only one The Glass. They offer a delicious Nordic bistro menu for dinner, and from Monday to Saturday also for lunch. In the evenings, their bar, specialising in rums, serves a wide selection of the world's best rums.

A dinner experience and an art experience come together

The restaurant is located right in the centre of Helsinki - on the K1 basement floor of Kämp Galleria. Here's a good idea: combine your dinner with art enjoyment by visiting the photography art exhibition space K1, which is in the same building.

The Á la carte menu reflects the atmosphere of the changing exhibitions. However, a few basic things never change: The Glass uses local producers and preferably organic, their carbon footprint is small in terms of shoe size, their taste palette is unique, and they take care of hygiene well beyond the basic requirements.

Centrally located on the ground floor of Kämp Galleria

At The Glass, good flavours and wines matter to their hearts. And above all - they want to be the best restaurant in Helsinki, in your opinion! They do not classify themselves as a fine dining restaurant but as a wow-dining restaurant in the centre of Helsinki. This is where you will get an unforgettable experience without a company credit card.

You're welcome whenever it suits you within their opening hours. If you want dinner, we recommend a table reservation. You can come for a coffee, a snack, a glass or even a bottle - just on the spur of the moment. Their staff will happily serve you from morning to night, whether you want lunch, dinner, coffee or drinks. The changing photo exhibitions also bring their own unique atmosphere to the visit, and what's better than great food and good wine? Great food and good wine combined with an art experience!


You can enter Kämp Galleria Helsinki from all doors and in the evening from the Mikonkatu 1 restaurant's own entrance. Welcome! Restaurant The Glass in Helsinki hopes you will enjoy your visit.


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