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Gohan - Restaurant & Sake Bar

Situated in the historic Torikorttelit area, Gohan is a cozy, relaxed modern sake and wine bar headed by Otto Sarpaniemi and chef Marcos Gois, the two young guns behind the critically acclaimed Fat Ramen.

Riding on a wave of like-minded establishments and a rush of youthful energy, Gohan – Japanese for rice – offers regularly shifting communal experiences revolving around food and drink in a centuries old locale to all pleasure-seekers headed to central Helsinki.

Quality drinks

Gohan’s beverage selection includes both a wine list that sings the praises of the multifaceted wine world through natural and classic wines, as well as a wide selection of artisan sakes, as Gohan’s name would imply.

And while availability for this traditional eastern beverage is somewhat limited in Finland, Gohan has made it surprisingly easy to get well acquainted with sake by featuring a number of different styles and types, as well as hard to find high quality bottlings.

A food-forward bar

Even though Gohan counts as a bar, its heart lies in its kitchen, where the Madeira-raised Gois and his team shine through their work. The kitchen has drawn inspiration from around the world, and while its name points to rice, and its essence has a certain Japanese vibe to it, Gohan is by no means centered on North-East Asian cuisine. Those of you looking for authentic Japanese food can keep looking.

For the rest of you, Gohan promises to deliver an unrestrained blast of playful experimentation that’s based around seasonal ingredients and whatever the kitchen feels like doing at that moment. Each bar-sized dish on the menu supports each other perfectly while deftly straddling multiple cuisines all at once. With a focus on organic, Finnish, and local ingredients, Gohan’s menu offers each guest the possibility to pick and choose in order to create their perfect combo. And with a constantly evolving line-up that reacts to availability and moods, the menu is bound to remain captivating for return customers.

So even if you do come to Gohan for just a glass or two, it won’t be long before the sweet smells wafting through the bar from the kitchen at far side of the room will tempt you to take a look at the menu!

Sunday? Lunchtime? No problem!

Gohan also offers a few unusual benefits, such as by being open on Sundays to the delight of all weekend warriors, as well as offering lunch from Tuesday to Friday.

The lunch menu at Gohan is a “one and done” affair, with a bento-style tray offering you either a vegetarian or non-vegetarian option filled with the day’s delights. So sit down, order your tray, and marvel at the collection of little bowls and plates that the kitchen has whipped up for you.

Featured front and center is the day’s main, flanked by a number of sides, where the kitchen gets to test and present whatever ideas the days ingredients have brought them. And of course, in the corner, you’ve got the sweet of the day, always bound to leave you with a smile.

There’s always a seat for you here

Understandably, Gohan is rather popular, which may occasionally mean that no tables are available for booking, but don’t worry! Even if there are no tables available, feel free to pop over anyway: there’s usually space at the kitchen-side bar. And if that fails? Well, there are some excellent places to grab a quick drink around, and the staff will call you back when a table frees up. Still, book early to avoid disappointment!


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