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Kitchen & Bar Kultá

The different hues of silver on the glittering snow and in the bright mist have been sources of riches for northern people. However, many have wanted to transform nature’s glittering silver into shining gold. They have looked for it both in the salty soil and in the spring horizon. For some, gold has hidden itself cunningly in the wink of an eye or in the embrace of the fell rocks’ heart, never surrendering a piece of itself to ones who long for it. We have found our gold in the embrace of the Helsinki inner city. It is authentic and raw, presenting itself in a unique form to each seeker.

At the core of our restaurant, you can find the majestic and beautiful north at its best. We value our northern roots so much that we have brought with us from the north the purest ingredients such as game, reindeer, mushrooms, lichen and birch leaves.

Moments lived in honour of an easygoing and relaxed lifestyle culminate in a dinner where the main stars of our dishes are the modern and natural northern tastes, in which we take pride. The northern winds can be reached not only through the surprise menu but also through Hike, a homage to the forests and fells of Lapland.

During breakfast, northern luxury can be found in our sumptuous breads like the warm flatbread, in the unique seasons and in the easygoing atmosphere. Each moment at our breakfast is important and unique. You can also have your breakfast served. During lunch, the classics of the future take over our menu; there is also a weekly three-course lunch that outlines the way towards the northern seasons.


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