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Jord is a new restaurant in Helsinki - just opened in December 2016. It is owned by the famous chef Filip Langhoff and his wife, the talented sommelier, Linda Stenman-Langhoff, who also runs the well-known and much acclaimed Michelin star restaurant, Ask. 

The easy going little sister

Jord is described as the easy going little sister of Ask. The place is all about enjoying good, organic food and drinks in a modern and relaxed atmosphere with a spectacular view of Helsinki.

The Dining Room and The Chefs Bar

You can make a reservation in The Dining Room or at The Chefs Bar. For lunch you have the option of ordering 1, 2 & 3 courses from our lunchmenu. For dinner you may order from the A la Carte or order the "Chefs Menu". All dishes are available both in The Dining Room and The Chefs Bar.

Please note that your reservation is for 2,5hours for dinner.


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