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With our free and ad free iPhone app you can book a table on the go. Search for restaurants near you, see pictures and information on the restaurant and book a table immediately.

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Avoid waiting in line for a table when you want to eat out. Book your table directly from your iPhone. Have you got off work and don't want to go home and cook? Or do you want a little pampering? It only takes a few click to make your reservation. Would you like sushi, French, Scandinavian, organic or gourmet? On you find all types of restaurants and cafés.

Book a table at Denmark's largest bookingsite, Our iPhone app makes it even easier and quicker to book a table.

Cu aplicația DinnerBooking puteți:
  • Rezerva o masă, în orice moment, oricând
  • Căuta un restaurant sau o cafenea folosind diferite filtre, de exemplu după zonă sau nume
  • Căuta restaurante și cafenele din apropiere
  • Vedea intervalele disponibile
  • Afla despre restaurante noi prin imagini și descrieri
cum fac
  • Descarcă aplicația
  • Găsește un restaurant, alege un număr de persoane (cu care vrei sa mergi la restaurant), alege data și ora și rezervă o masă.
  • Înregistrează-te și conectează-te
  • Confirm your booking. Most restaurants the sends a confirmation to you by email and/or SMS.

By downloading and using the app you accept our privacy policy and terms.

It is free to sign up and your email address and phone number is only used by the restaurants in order to send a booking confirmation to you. You will not receive advertising or similar without active enrollment.

Află mai multe și descarcă aplicația din iTunes
capturi de ecran din aplicație

See a few screen shots from the app and see more at iTunes. Finally you can also download the app and try it yourself - it's free

DinnerBooking aplicație mobilă
DinnerBooking aplicație mobilă
DinnerBooking aplicație mobilă

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