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You are about to create a user profile on DinnerBooking.com. In this policy we will explain how we collect and handle your personal information. When you accept the terms and conditions you also consent, that we collect and handle information about you in compliance with the privacy act.

Be aware when you make a reservation via the DinnerBooking online portal, you also allow the selected restaurant to collect your information.

Your personal information is handled and stored by the restaurant. The restaurant is the controller and you give your consent so that the information can be passed on to DinnerBooking, which collects and processes information as a controller.This information is controlled by the restaurant and also passed on to DinnerBooking.

DinnerBooking recommends that you read the policy regarding the use and protection of your personal data.

Creating user profile with dinnerbooking

The restaurant you are about to book at uses DinnerBooking as a booking system. In order to complete your booking you have to create a user profile with DinnerBooking. You can use your user profile on all the restaurants, cafés etc. (hereafter called Restaurants) that use DinnerBooking. Simply log in with your email address and password then your registered data will appear.

DinnerBooking is a booking system for Restaurants, which are used in countries around the world. In order to make a booking at a Restaurant that uses DinnerBooking booking system, you need to create a user profile. Your user profile can be used at all the Restaurants that use DinnerBooking. Simply log in with your email address and password then your registered data will appear.

Collection of information from you

DinnerBooking collects and processes information that you give as part of your user profile.

The information that is required in order to create your user profile is: name, zip code, email address and phone number.

You can also choose to give information about your preferences and interests, allergies etc.

Also, we collect information about you via cookies, if you use our website DinnerBooking.com. The collecting of information is in compliance with our cookie policy and the treatment is covered by the cookie policy on protecting your personal data.

If you subscribe to one of our newsletters, we also collect information about you and create a user profile for you. Processing of your personal information for this purpose is only done after your consent.

Collection of information by third parties

Beside the information you give to DinnerBooking we collect information from our business partners (Restaurants) about the bookings you have made and possibly information that our business partners collect about you in relation to preferences and similar matter as well as your restaurant visits.

We use the information collected about you for the following purposes

Marketing Purposes: We may use the information for internal marketing analysis in order to for example assess trends among our user profiles or to measure the amount of traffic on our sites and statistics on each user profile or on groups of user profiles. Also, we may share non-personal information with others for example advertisers in anonymous form which means that the information does not include personally identifiable information about you.

Newsletters: If you subscribe to one of our newsletters, we use your information to send targeted newsletters to you. The newsletters will contain news about restaurants, inspiration from DinnerBooking and other marketing materials from us.

Restaurants: When you make a booking via DinnerBooking at a Restaurant, DinnerBooking discloses information about you to the Restaurant in the form of name, zip code, phone number and your email address and any additional information that is registered to your user profile, or that is collected about you from other Restaurants. The Restaurant may use the information to verify any information about relevant requirements to diet, special preferences or desires, set menus, group bookings etc. as well as generally manage your visit at the restaurant and the Restaurant's guest database. If you update your DinnerBooking user profile we disclose the updated information to the Restaurants that have previously received your information and where you have made a booking within the last 12 month. Your email address and phone number are not passed on to the Restaurant for advertising purposes unless you explicitly state that you are interested in receiving advertising from the Restaurant by email.

Restaurants may receive summary feedback reports from DinnerBooking from recent guests when the Restaurants are reviewed by DinnerBooking user profiles. If you submit comments for a Restaurant (through an evaluation via DinnerBooking) the comments will be exchanged with the Restaurant anonymously. However, it cannot be excluded that a Restaurant connects specific feedback with your booking and your anonymity is therefore not guaranteed. You can also choose not to be anonymous when you submit comments if you inform who you are or give contact information such as the email address that the restaurant can use to respond to your feedback.

DinnerBooking will only disclose the information that is specified above to the Restaurants you have made a booking at via DinnerBooking. The Restaurants do not have access to the information listed on your user profile including your guest history from other Restaurants. However, you agree that Restaurants under the same company or the same restaurant chain can exchange information about your guest history.

Transactions: We may use your personal information to answer inquires and requests from yourself, as well as process transactions like credit card payment for goods you have ordered from us. Our agents or Restaurants reserve the right to carry out such transactions (e.g. delivery). The personal information that you give us may be used by our suppliers for completion of orders. Regardless the above mentioned we retain non-financial information about you.

Administration and Data Management: We handle the information linked to your user profile for administration purposes. Among this we may use your information to contact you by email or phone for questions regarding your user profile, whether it be for maintenance or deletion. We may transfer your personal information to third party who acts as our sub-supplier where the transfer happens with instructions of non-disclosure and that the information only will be used in the fulfillment of tasks set by us (e.g. the administration of a marketing campaign, IT operation etc.).

Other Purposes: We may handle and disclose your personal information if permitted or required by the Act on Processing of Personal Data which is always valid.

Cases in which your information would be disclosed

We disclose the information collected about you to the extend described in the above paragraph, on how we use the information about you.

You give your consent that your information may also be disclosed to Restaurants and transferred to our sub-suppliers who acts as a third party, sometimes located in different countries. In this context you are expressly notified that third party receivers in other countries are not necessarily following the same rules according to the Personal Data Processing Act that applies in your country. Therefore, you agree that there is no assurance or guarantee about the adequacy of the level of protection in such countries. This may lead to a higher risk of having your personal information compromised.

Registered users personal information, updates and access

We need your help to ensure that the personal information DinnerBooking handles about you is accurate and up to date. If there are changes to your name, contact details, preferences or other information listed on your user profile, you must urgently update the information on your user profile.

Storage period

We store and process your personal data for 24 months after your last use of the user profile. The use consists of to log on to DinnerBooking.com or completion of booking at a Restaurant via DinnerBooking or subscribe to one of our newsletters.

If your user profile has not been activated within a 24 month period, the information will automatically be deleted from our system. Before your user profile is deleted we will contact you on the registered email address so you have a chance to maintain the profile.

Before deleting user profiles we anonymize parts of the information we handle about you, so they can be included in statistical purposes.

Rights of access and rectification

You may at any time request DinnerBooking as a data controller for access to what information we handle about you, for what purpose we process the information to, the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data are or will be provide to, how long we keep the information, where the information comes from if not from you, whether we have made automatic decisions including profiling.

If the information we handle about you is incorrect you have the right to get the information corrected or deleted.

Your consent may be revoked

You may at any time revoke your consent of our handling of your personal data. You can revoke consent by deleting your user profile. All information about you will then be deleted from DinnerBooking. Before deleting your user profile we will anonymize parts of the information we process about you, so they can be used for statistical purposes.

For newsletters, you can simply withdraw your consent to receive additional newsletters. You can unsubscribe from any newsletter you receive or from your user profile.

Also, if you want to revoke your consent from the Restaurants that your information is disclosed to, you have to revoke your consent directly from these restaurants. On your user profile page you can see who we have disclosed your information to. You should be aware that after we have deleted your user profile, we are not able to say who your information is transmitted.

You can complain

If you believe our processing of your personal data is contrary to the applicable Act on Processing of Personal Data you can complain to your local Data Protection Agency.


Külastades meie Veebilehte, võime automaatselt koguda mitte-isiklikke andmeid (nt. kasutatava brauseri või operatsioonisüsteemi tüüp, serveri nimi, külastuste arv ning veebilehel viibitud aeg ja külastatud leheküljed). Me võime kasutada antud andmeid monitoorimaks meie kodulehe aktiivsust ning parendamaks meie veebilehe kasutuskogemust.

Me võime koguda infot kasutajate kohta ning jagada seda kolmandate osapooltega (nt. reklaamijad). Me ei seosta jagatud infot konkreetsete isikuandmetega välja arvatud seaduse poolt nõutud juhtudel.

Seadusega ettenähtud juhtudel, näiteks kohtu nõudmisel, avaldame isikliku ning mitte-isikliku informatsiooni. Me võime jagada seda infot ka konkreetse nõudmise puhul õiguskaitse organitelt või teistelt otsingumootoritelt jmt.

DinnerBooking jälgib automaatselt kuidas jagatud andmeid kasutatakse. See jälgimine annab meile võimaluse paremini mõista teemasid mis vajaksid muutmist, et jätkuvalt parendada lehel oleva sisu ajakohasust.

In doing so DinnerBooking sometimes puts certain information called “cookies” on a visitor’s computer. These “cookies” allow a more detailed level of tracking to fine tune our usage reports site. However should you disable the “cookies” on your computer, you still have exactly the same access to content on www.dinnerbooking.com as if you had ”cookies” enabled.

Information about DinnerBooking

DinnerBooking’s full company information and contact details are:

DinnerBooking ApS
Lyongade 21, 1.
2300 Copenhagen S
VAT: DK29008450
Year of establishment: 2005

Phone: +45 32555048
Email: support@dinnerbooking.com

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