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Restaurant MEKK (Modern Estonian Culinary Art) is a high-class restaurant located in the Old Town of Tallinn. This restaurant with a historical atmosphere, serves food that is a combination of historical Estonian culinary arts, and modern art of cooking.


Season Menu

The chef of restaurant MEKK is Rene Uusmees. According to the chef, the most important thing in preparing modern Estonian food, is to remember the basic culinary values. Thus, the main principle in food preparing in MEKK is to use culinary practices that have been used in Estonia for many decades. These practices are then enhanced with modern technology and the newest ideas. The raw material in food making is always fresh, and if possible, also Estonian. We try to get it from the best ecological farms in Estonia. It is especially stated in the menu if the raw produce is one from Estonia, e.g. fish, cheese or meat. To give that little extra, we also offer freshly made Estonian bread, and tasty salted butter.


Healthy food

Healthy food is the main keyword in food preparing. MEKK is a seasonal restaurant – we offer the best ingredients that each season has to offer. For example in the spring you can get different herbs, the summertime is mainly for fresh vegetables, and also different berries. Autumn offers a variety of mushrooms and juicy apples. Unfortunately, the winter in Estonia doesn’t offer a choice of raw materials. The main ingredient in the winter is ready-made tinned-produce.

Something that all dishes prepared in MEKK have in common, is the use of different herbs and other edible plants, which add that little extra flavor to bring out the best in a dish. If you have all the best qualities in a restaurant – a carefully chosen location, local fresh raw produce, excellent culinary skills, and the best drink menu – you have everything to offer the best modern Estonian culinary art.


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