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Kaks Kokka

Kaks Kokka (Two Chefs) is a little brother of restaurant Ö, which is managed by two chefs Ranno Paukson and Martin Meikas and is totally worth to keep an eye on! Kaks Kokka is a place that is constantly changing and is never exactly the same. It is not possible to define the character of Kaks Kokka by certain borderlines or compass – the basis for all this is good and fresh ingredients (raw material), mostly from Estonia. At Kaks Kokka we move boundaries and feel the heights.

You can find quite many forest products in the menu, because both chefs like to pick different plants, and berries. The chefs also count on co-operation with local farmers. "We also get products from outside Estonia, but freshness and quality of the product is the most important thing," says the chef. "We offer the best, you can get here. Herbs, vegetables, salat etc is, of course, always local."


Menu at the restaurant Kaks Kokka is always fresh – (in raw materials) ingredients, ideas and food trends. Food is pretty quick and easy, and you can be sure that it gets an interesting turn in the hands of our talented young chefs. We also look after that there will be always a perfect match to food by a good beer, wine or perhaps a refreshing homemade non-alcoholic drink. In addition to the freshest ingredients we will add lots of love and joy and just the right amount of humor into all  dishes. It does not matter if you come for a lunch or a cocktail with friends, here you’re at the right place anytime!

Kaks Kokka restaurants shares both the kitchen and the team with restaurant Ö. In Kaks Kokka the chefs often offer their own favourite dishes, and the price range is more on a budget, while Ö offers fine dining, and is more expensive.


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