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Riviera Palais Brasserie

Riviera Palais is a brasserie, that recently opened its doors on the beautiful Maarjamäe located right by the coast of the capital. With a marvelous view on the bay of Tallinn, it is an ideal spot for enjoying the highlights of French delicacies. The restaurant is located in the historical Maarjamäea castle, making the trip both a dining and cultural experience.

A century-old backstory

Visiting Riviera Palais is like traveling back in time, with the roots of the restaurant reaching back into the early 20th century when its rooms hosted one of the most popular and luxurious restaurants of the newly independent nation. The unique location has now reopened but this time around with a brasserie flare.

A team with a mission

While Riviera Palais is a newcomer on the local food scene, its team has years of previous experience to help establish the new restaurant on the map. The people behind it are also in charge of SALT, an already well-established restaurant known for its experimental flavors. With the team taking Riviera Palais up as a new challenge, customers should expect a similarly playful approach to cooking at the brasserie. 

Authentic French brasserie tastes

Riviera Palais awaits for every occasion! For example, after finishing a morning visit to the museum, when the restaurant offers a rich breakfast selection and on Sundays even a brunch buffet. Or in the afternoon, when Riviera Palais boasts with a selection of dishes inspired by modern French brasseries. But when the museum closes its doors for the night, the fun in Riviera is just about to begin. Expect fresh seafood, ranging from oysters to classic Marseille style clams, beef tartare, french toast, foie gras, merguez sausages, and incredible crepes. Little France on the hilltop of Maarjamäe!

More than just a dining experience

In addition to casual dining, Riviera Palais also offers to host birthday parties, office events, and other celebrations in one of their historical castle halls or in the magnificent castle park, that is connected with the film museum. Riviera Palais is open to all requests and is happy to organize a dream dinner or party to meet your wishes. Be it a glamorous evening with rivers of champagne or a high-spirited children’s birthday party!


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