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Established in 1992, Von Krahl Theater was the first privately-owned theater company in newly independent Estonia.

Theater has been a disruptor, rebellious artistic alien, bringing a fresh postmodern attitude to the game, Their fresh ideas about modern art, philosophy, theology, science, love and sex have undeniably shaped Estonian theater culture.

What happens to the revolutionary after the revolution? 

As innovative as theater is also the Von Krahli Aed restaurant, that takes pride in organic and vegan based. Don't be confused though, they are not a vegan restaurant, but plants are their house's glory and all of the vines are organic.

Restaurant emphasizes local and prefers organic and Nordic purity. Further on, most of the dishes are available both with meat or as vegan.

They strive to bring joy to the visitors with their best skills. Welcome to the Embassy of Pure Food!


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