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In Italy one can always find most excellent examples of the Italian cuisine from homely family restaurants. A kind of a mixture of home-made tastes, mother’s or grandmother’s traditions and a unique elegance often offers in Italy the most fascinating lunch or dinner experience. That’s exactly what La Bottega is offering – a chance to enjoy the chef’s Nicolo Tanda authentic dishes prepared from the recipe collection by his mother from Sardinia. By eating these foods it is easy to understand that his mother’s passion for food was the one what brought Nicolo to cooking. Nicolo has said: "La Bottega is a memory of my childhood's homemade food, I mainly use my mother's and grandmother's recipes."


Our cooperation with Nicolo Tanda in Bocca restaurant, Tallinn and his desire to provide alongside fine dining authentic and homemade Italian cuisine, inspired us to open Trattoria La Bottega. Classic trattoria offers a cross-section of the best Italian cuisine, with a special emphasis on Italian food and wines consistency. Sardinian origin Nicolo favorites, fish and seafood are in our kitchen represented in significant proportion.

Nicolo was brought up with a lot of fish around him: "There's lots of fish in Sardinia, there's this saying that fish grows on trees there," he jokes. "But our family was in favour of the situation - my father sold meat, so we ate both fish and meat."


2012 –11th place among the best 50 restaurants in Estonia

2011 – 3rd place among the best 50 restaurants in Estonia

2010 – 3rd place among the best 50 restaurants in Estonia

2009 – 14th place among the best 50 restaurants in Estonia

2008 – ’Silverspoon’ in The Best Wine and Food Pairing category

Gastronomy competition held by a Gastronomy Awards Society of Estonia

2008 – The annual award of The Estonian Society of Interior Architects for the historic interior


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