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Dada Restaurant & Cocktail bar

The Middle East contains rich traditional food culture where the meal is the center of companionship, shared moments and good atmosphere. This is what you will experience while eating at DADA. This restaurant is a personal interpretation of Middle Eastern cuisine.


A tribute to the Arabic cuisine

DADA is Copenhagen's new mecca for social dining, wine and cocktails. A restaurant that celebrates the Arabian cuisine, stretching from the Mediterranean region, containing a wealth of color, fragrance and taste nuances. DADA will seduce you, just like Scheherazade's Arabian Nights and make you return time and time again for more. 


Food served 'family style'

The menu offers, among other things, crispy falafels made from edamame, baba ganoush, flame grilled meat, spicy cod, colorful salads and green dishes, all accompanied to grilled flatbread and a world of mezze and dips. The food is served in bowls and plates on the table, so everyone gets the opportunity to taste everything that the Middle Eastern cuisine has to offer. You can either choose to explore the menu card yourself or let DADA's chefs decide on their 10-course menu, which takes you on a round trip served "family style".

Open kitchen, socializing and good atmosphere

DADA is everything that is not standard. Here, the ceiling is high and the room exudes a relaxed atmosphere, where social interaction is just as high as the food on the plate. Everyone is welcome in DADA's wide embrace that accommodates you - whether you come in suits, dress, swimwear or sneakers. The restaurant seats up to 148 diners, and the many seats provide space for everything from romantic two-person dining, family dinners to larger parties. In DADA's open kitchen you can watch all the dishes being created while you wait for the food to be served.


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