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Couple Lisbeth and Bo Jacobsen are behind the concept of Restaurantionen that opened in 1991. Restaurationen earned a Michelin star over two periods from 1995-2004. The restaurant turned into a brasserie in 2011. The cuisine is Danish, with inspiration from the French kitchen. They are featured in the Michelin Guide 2019.

The Team at Restaurationen

Lisbeth and Bo Jacobsen have worked in the restaurant business for over 35 years. Bo Jacobsen graduated from Restaurant Gastronomique in 1981, and since then, his culinary dreams have flourished before his eyes. He opened Kommandanten in 1987 with his wife Lisbeth and then opened Restaurationen in 1991. He has been on several tv shows and won the Champagne Award in 2008. Lisbeth has also dedicated her life to gastronomy. She graduated from Hotel Royal as a chef and waiter in the early 80s. Now she is the frontman for the dessert-making and hostess at Restaurationen. Together Lisbeth and Bo Jacobsen have written several cookbooks and have become a revolutionary couple in the culinary world.

Celebrating Classic Danish Culture

The focus at Restaurationen has always been to celebrate the Danish culture. Lis and Bo Jacobsen are both experts in Danish and French cuisine, which is something that can be both seen and tasted in their dishes. They want to use their 35 years of experience to develop new modern dishes with inspiration from the classics. They offer the best quality in both ingredients and produce. Even the interior celebrates Danish culture. It is decorated in timeless Danish design, keeping it informal and relaxed. The use of Royal Copenhagen cutlery, Holmegaard glasses, Wegners Y chairs and walls decorated with Danish art is a great shout out to Danish artists in various professions.

A Focus on Quality and Responsibility

A vital part of Lisbeth and Bo Jacobsen's vision is the focus on sustainability. Since the opening of the restaurant, they have worked on this vision. Over 90% of their produce is local as a way to protect the environment and have implemented a zero-waste policy. They use what is available in nature and on the farms during the seasons and use entire animals, ensuring no waste and high-quality gastronomy at their restaurant.



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