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Rosita’s Bistro is a cozy restaurant located on Borgergade in central Aalborg. Here, you can look forward to a wonderful night in casual surroundings. The restaurant has been receiving very positive reviews from guests since its opening. In June 2016, the restaurant received the award for being the restaurant with the happiest customers in Denmark, here on DinnerBooking.


A whole-night experience in great company

According to the owner Johan Von Bülow, the positive reviews stem from their concept of giving the guests a holistic experience here in his restaurant. He says:

“I think that our success is partly because we have created our menu to be an “all-night menu,” where we take care of our guests from the beginning till the end, and they don’t have to deal with much – except having a good time and enjoying each other’s company.”

He further says:

“Our guests arrive, and they receive some bubbles, snacks or a gin and tonic. The only thing they need to decide on is which three dishes out of our twelve they wish to enjoy. From there, we take over and serve the chosen wines. The evening ends with coffee, liqueur and chocolate. At our restaurant, we have fun all night, and there is no stress whatsoever.”


Homely restaurant

The restaurant is a small, cozy place with lots of soul. There is room for personalities, peculiarity and love in this little restaurant, which most of all just reminds you of a private home. There are beautiful paintings on the wall, flowers and candles on the tables and shelves full of books and wine. Come inside, sit back and relax and let the friendly staff pamper you and ensure you have a wonderful night full of flavours and great company.



The restaurant is open Wednesday to Saturday from 18:00.


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