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Sticks'n'Sushi Lyngby

Sticks’n’Sushi resides on Lyngby Hovedgade. Here, they practice the art of picking without frothing. The idea is to serve small, minimalist, stand-alone delicacies that together form a successful whole.


Japanese cuisine

As the name suggests, the menu focuses on traditional Japanese dishes, yakitori skewers and sushi. When Sticks’n’Sushi opened its first restaurant back in 1994, it was against Japanese custom to mix the two. However, there is no doubt that the combination is popular among the Danes.


Popular restaurant

The first Sticks’n’Sushi restaurant opened on Nansensgade in 1994 as the first sushi restaurant in Denmark. The concept quickly became very popular among the guests, and since opening, Sticks’n’Sushi has grown to twelve restaurants in Copenhagen and five abroad in the UK with over 1000 employees in total.


Many restaurants to choose from

In the mood for some colourful sushi rolls and tasty skewers, but Lyngby is too far away from you? Then visit one of their other restaurants in the Greater Copenhagen area: Nansensgade, Frederiksberg, Østerbro, Hellerup, Valby, Tivoli Hotel, Tivoli Haven, Rungsted, Borgergade, Vesterbro or Krudthuset on Amager.

Although Sticks’n’Sushi has many restaurants in the capital, each restaurant is respectful of the local environment and its history, so local guests can love their ‘own’ Sticks’n’Sushi.


Thoroughness and discipline

At Sticks’n’Sushi, thoroughness and discipline are some of the virtues they have imported with an open mind from Japanese cuisine. The chefs are extra careful when cutting the fish, and they only make use of the best ingredients.

Furthermore, the restaurant works hard to avoid food waste. The philosophy is that waste must be avoided, whether it's fish, vegetables, meat, money, or professional pride. As a company, they are aware that they can always improve: It is always possible to waste less, buy more environmentally friendly etc. "It's all a process, not a final result, but an eternal journey," they explain.