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simpleRAW Gråbrødretorv

In 2015 simpleRAW Gråbrødretorv opened in a historic building on the beautiful square Gråbrødretorv. The rooms of the 18th century building are decorated with raw elements of nature, white concrete and benches made from huge oak planks. The restaurant has plenty of room for both smaller and larger groups. In 2010 simpleRAW Vesterbro opened in an old apartment which used to house a pibe maker and later, in the 1950’s, one of Copenhagen’s many tailors. We have combined the many original elements in the apartment with benches, tables and a counter made of pine boards. In our small restaurant we can welcome up to 25 guests at a time. Our approach to raw food… Raw food basically means making natural food with a minimum of processing; only using vegetables, seeds, kernels, nuts and fruit. We only use our own recipes which are free of preservatives, additives, coloring, sugar, dairy products, yeast and gluten. We use natures own ingredients because we wish to offer our guests an honest and simple alternative. We are not fanatic but believe in a varied diet and the possibility of making healthier choices. It will be an honor to welcome you to simpleRAW.


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