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Restaurant Told & Snaps

At restaurant Told & Snaps, you can experience the traditional and authentic Danish smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches) in cozy surroundings. The restaurant is located in a cellar right by the famous and charming Nyhavn area in the heart of Copenhagen.


High-quality smørrebrød

Told & Snaps is a classic Copenhagen lunch-restaurant that serves delicious, high-quality Danish smørrebrød. All the dishes are made from scratch with the use of the absolute best ingredients. They salt and smoke everything themselves, which means in this restaurant, you won’t find any chemicals or manufactured goods.


Schnapps, schnapps, schnapps

What goes with peanut butter? Jelly. What goes with Cookies? Milk. Just like these power-combos, Smørrebrøds’ soulmate is schnapps. At Told & Snaps, you’ll find a huge selection of homemade schnapps, and there is something for every taste. You can, for example, try their spice or dill schnapps or schnapps with coffee and vanilla! If you want to stick with what you know, they also offer a selection of classics such as Rød Aalborg and Brøndums Kryddersnaps.


A taste of Denmark

Not only can you expect to dish out on classic Danish smørrebrød, but you can also expect to dine in a classic Danish atmosphere. Inside is classic and cozy with high panels, dark wooded furniture, white table-cloths and old paintings on the walls. The cozy cellar makes the place the perfect place for both intimate dinners and bigger events.


Perhaps the best smørrebrød in the city?

Told & Snaps has existed since 2000 and gradually became one of the foremost lunch-restaurants in Copenhagen. The restaurant received praise from both guests and critics right from the get-go, and there is no doubt that you can get some of the city’s best smørrebrød right here. Paired with their homemade schnapps, you are truly in for a treat here.


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