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Almanak resides in the beautiful building on Havnegade in Copenhagen. Here, the driving force is the use of local ingredients, which results in their very own interpretation of the taste of Denmark - all year round.


Great views of the harbour

You have no doubt noticed the spectacular mint green building that faces the quay at Copenhagen's inner harbour. “The Standard” is written in capital letters on the roof, and high standards define this place. The name houses four restaurants. One of them is the Almanak, which you can find on the ground floor.

Here they welcome all hungry guests who pass by on their walk. However, usually, people have booked a table in advance because Almanac is a popular eatery and a sure winner, both when it comes to views and gastronomic ability.


The taste of Denmark all year round

Almanak is an unpretentious, welcoming restaurant that serves both lunch and dinner seven days a week. At Almanak, they serve their very own interpretation of the taste of Denmark.

You can, therefore, experience how they express Danish nature and the change of seasons on the plate. Each item gets its time and place, so you can enjoy fresh asparagus, new potatoes, spring onions and rose petals, all when they are at their most juicy stage.


Historic building

Almanak resides inside The Standard building. The building houses a total of four restaurants, each with a unique concept: Almanak, Mission, Private Dining, and Michelin restaurant Studio. Before the iconic mint-green building next to Copenhagen's Inner Harbor became a restaurant complex, it had other functions. First as a customs chamber, then as a ferry terminal.

The location in this historical setting is a constant driving force for Almanak's team of chefs, who love to consistently improve their skills and remain curious about new flavour combinations. Just like the former ferry terminal through the ages has sent people off on exciting experiences.


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