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Located in the center of Aarhus you will find the charming Gastromé.  At Gastromé you can experience a top class gourmet-influenced country cuisine in the middle of the city center. The restaurant opened in September 2014 and already in February 2015 - less than 6 months after its opening – it received a splendid Michelin star in the Michelin Guide Nordic.


Aarhus chefs

The restaurant is run by the two Aarhus chefs, Søren Jakobsen and William Jørgensen, who have successfully run the gourmet restaurant 'Det gamle mejeri' (The old Dairy) by Vilhelmsborg in Mårslet since 2004. In 2016 they decided to sell their restaurant in Mårslet to dedicate themselves fully to Gastromé ;

"We intend to push the boundaries of Gastromé as far as possible, and it requires our full attention. We are positive and full of hope for the future and excited about what Gastromé can become for us and especially for the city, " William Jorgensen states in a press release.

At Gastromé the two top chefs only serve food and wine, which they love themselves. Therefore, the menu always reflects their own tastes and interpretation of food, wine and quality.


Innovative and classic cuisine

The expression and interpretation of food and wine at Gastromé is characterized by the two chefs' philosophy of experimenting in a classic innovative cuisine without any limitations.

All wines and beers are carefully selected and the selection will always contain organic and/or biodynamic options. The majority of spices and herbs are cultivated in and around Vilhelmsborg forest.


The happiest guests

Numbers from DinnerBooking from the first half of 2016 shows, that Gastromé is the restaurant throughout Jutland, which has had the most positive guests. This is not without reason. A sublime dining experience combined with a great attention on the individual guest is the secret behind the positive response.

The feedback from guests is essential for Gastromé: "We are very humble in our approach to the guests and take feedback very seriously – you have to do so if you want to remain a top restaurant." Søren Jakobsen says.


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