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Krogs Fiskerestaurant

Welcome to Copenhagen’s first and oldest seafood restaurant. This famous restaurant serves gorgeous superb dishes with a focus on fish. The restaurant is located on Gammel Strand by the canal and is knee-deep in the (fish)barrel of history. The menu has everything from classic to newly interpreted dishes with the best Nordic produce you could ever imagine. Krog’s is open from Monday-Saturday from 11:30-24:00.


Past, Present and Future

Krog’s restaurant was opened in 1910 by Christian Krog(h), and just outside were all the fishmongers who sold fresh fish of the day on Gammel Strand, back then known as Copenhagen’s fish market. The best architects and artists in town were put at the front to form Krog’s. Of course, things have changed as different people have been at the helm of Krog’s. At one point, Krog’s was the hot spot for the richest and the royals.

Today it blends its classical antiquity with its modern approach to fit into the current society of Copenhagen. The owners, however, did acknowledge the uniqueness of Krog’s and the importance of its rarity:

“A city also needs a basis like Krogs to keep its identity and charm. It is our goal to preserve and strengthen Krogs as such a landmark in the heart of Copenhagen.”


The Best from the Sea

Krog’s restaurant menu consists of both famous classics and new modern dishes to join together traditions and modern gastronomy. On the menu, you will find oysters, which is a signature dish at Krog’s.

It dates back to the days when Krog’s used to be the first alongside the Royal Family to handpick the best Limfjords oysters entering the harbour. Other delicious items on the menu include the fish soup Bouillabaisse, Lobster Bisque and their famous Seafood Royal platter.


The Chefs at Krog’s Restaurant

The crew onboard this restaurant is Head Chef Mikkel Porsgaard and assistant Chef Nikolaj Mortensen with an average age of just 23. Chef Porsgaard wishes to make his mark at Krog’s restaurant. By implementing his green vision for the menu, he has furthered his goal of making Krog’s a more sustainable restaurant.

The way the kitchen has succeeded in this vision is by using local fishers as their only source, as well as having added both vegetarian and vegan options to the menu.


Experienced Owners

The owners of legendary Krog’s restaurant are veterans in the field. Experts at furthering historical hot spots in Copenhagen, they are the team behind the famous and charming restaurant Maven located at Nikolaj Plads and historical hot-spot-made-Italian Vingaarden, making them some of Copenhagen’s absolute culinary masters.


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