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Restaurant Uformel

Uformel is Formel B’s edgy, younger brother. It is located on Studiestræde 69, 1554 Copenhagen, smack dab in the middle of Copenhagen, just two minutes from City Hall (Rådhuspladsen) and the Palace Cinema. The restaurant took over the space from nightclub Wonderbar, and the restaurant continues to create a nightclub-esque atmosphere on weekends with the help of their chic cocktail bar.


Informal and Edgy

Both Uformel and Formel B share the concept of a pick and choose menu and offer a wide selection of wines in every price range. The restaurant was designed by Søren Vester, who also designed Formel B and Sletten and with help from Antonio Scaffidi, they have created a vibrant restaurant set in dark colours, brass and gold tabletops and low hanging lights, where on the weekends the music is a little louder.


Michelin-starred Team

The men behind this beloved restaurant are the same team behind the revolutionary One Michelin-starred restaurant Formel B, and Michelin 2019 recommended Restaurant Sletten and Restaurant Palægade, Kristian Arpe-Møller and Rune Amgild Jochumsen. They can add to their collection of Michelin praise, as Uformel is also currently recommended in the Michelin Guide 2019 having received the honour of the Michelin Plate.


Uformel presents à la carte

Uformel has an open kitchen that makes it accessible for guests to take a peek to see how the Chefs create their detailed dishes. The kitchen cares a lot about sustainability and has a tremendous amount of respect for nature. Therefore, they ensure to work with entire animals and get their greens and vegetables from Søren Wuiff’s lands by Lammefjorden.

Although they try to remain local, they still search high and low over the world so that they can use the best and highest quality products in their dishes. The dishes are based on seasons, and the kitchen and Michelin Guide recommend ordering 4-6 tasting plates for dinner.



The restaurant is open Sunday-Thursday from 17:30-00:00 and till 2:00 AM on Friday’s and Saturday’s.


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