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Centrally located in the heart of Copenhagen only a few steps from the main train station and the Tycho Brahe Planetarium you will find the restaurant Retour Steak. At Retour Steak - as the name suggests – they know how to make great steaks and furthermore they serve crisp and tasty appetizers as well as delicious desserts that forms and completes the tasteful meal at Retour Steak.

Oubæks known classics

The people behind Retour Steak are the seasoned gourmet duo super chef Rasmus Oubæk and his partner-in-crime, Jesper Marcussen. The first Retour Steak restaurant opened in Ny Østergade in Copenhagen in 2012 and ever since it has been extremely popular. Thus, in the last couple of years the restaurant has grown bigger. First they opened a second Retour Steak at Vesterbro in Copenhagen and later they opened a Retour Steak in Aarhus. Besides the three Retour restaurants, Oubæk & Marcussen successfully runs the popular restaurants Gorilla, Pluto and Otto, all located in Copenhagen.

The menu offers you a choice of snacks, appetizers, entrees, sides, cheese and desserts. Rasmus Oubæks famous steak fries and lobster béarnaise adorn the menu, while the solid and tasty classics, like tartar and burger, also are among the dishes. Both steaks and lobster is served with crisp and tasty pommes fries and a creamy sauce. Enjoy your steak with a glass of wine from Retour Steaks impressive wine list and if it is weekend or simply just a festive evening you can also take a seat at the bar and let the bartender serve you an ice-cold cocktail.

Quality meat

At Retour Steak their focus is on high quality steak- for instance meat of Black Angus cattle from Uraguay or Danish aged ribeye. If you dream of experiencing and tasting top class meat then stop by the restaurant Retour Steak and taste their food.