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Sota Sushi Bar is a modern, Japanese inspired restaurant located in the lovely area of Vestergade. It is a restaurant where the love for details and quality is what is most important. The goal at Sota Sushi Bar is to expand and further develop the Japanese kitchen. Therefore, the kitchen has a big focus on experimenting with ingredients to create new, delicious, and exciting dishes.


Beautiful dishes made from scratch

When you order food at Sota Sushi Bar, you can look forward to dining in cozy, casual surroundings and high-quality food and service. The staff ensures good handcrafting, and the kitchen’s dedicated team of chefs take pride in creating all the dishes from scratch.


More than just good sushi

Sota Sushi Bar has been at the front when speaking of high-quality sushi for over a decade. Fresh fish is filleted daily, and the restaurant always prioritizes sustainability and good conditions regarding fishing. This restaurant is much more than just good sushi.

They also serve robata, tempura, steamed dishes such as gyoza and dim sum. At Sota Sushi Bar, you will have a varied and complete dining experience.



Try omakase at Sota Suhi Bar – it is their newest addition to an authentic and unique Asian dining experience. Omakase is a Japanese phrase meaning “I will leave it up to you,” which you can easily do. Let the chef create a 6-course-meal for you with both warm and cold dishes for you to enjoy. Here, they celebrate nature and what the season has to offer.


Drinks and cocktails

The bar offers traditional Japanese liquor such as sake and various shochu, which is also used for the restaurant’s popular cocktails. Sota Such Bar loves Japanese beer, but also other intriguing specialty beer that pairs perfectly with the food.

If you are having trouble pronouncing the Japanese words, the waiters are always happy to help with a recommendation or two. Besides beer, they also have champagne, white wine, red wine and rosé.


Student discount and events

This restaurant is for everyone. Therefore, they want their prices to reflect that. As a student, you can bring your student ID card and get a discount on your meal. Their dining rooms also have enough space to host big and smaller events. Contact the staff directly if you are looking to host a party at Sota Sushi Bar.


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