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Café Casablanca

Café Casablanca is situated in a beautiful location in the Latin Quarter in the heart of Aarhus, close to The Cathedral (Domkirken) and the pedestrian street, Strøget, and has attracted many different types of visitors, through the years. The atmosphere is totally unique, and the strong traditions are maintained through Casablanca's ability for constant renewal and innovation. As one of Scandinavia's oldest and best-known café's, Casablanca has been fuelling the development of local city life, and has become nothing less than an institution, in the day and nightlife of Aarhus. The immensely talented Chefs at Casablanca contribute greatly to the overall experience, and in summer, they move outside to the terrace, to bring the visitor on a culinary journey through their self-developed Nordic/French cuisine and menus, which is based exclusively on locally-sourced ingredients.

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