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The world famous Michelin restaurant Noma is located in Christianshavn in Copenhagen.

Noma is the flagship of the new Nordic cuisine and has probably interpreted the concept more sharply than anyone else in the world. Noma has two stars in the Michelin Guide, a second place in the list of World's 50 Best Restaurants, as well as a myriad of other awards and accolades.


Nordic innovation

The chef René Redzepi and his great team of chefs create innovative and well-prepared food based on Nordic ingredients, traditional and modern techniques. On your plate at noma you can find Scandinavian delicacies like Icelandic seaweed, Faroese deep-sea fish, Greenlandic musk ox and sorrel from Danish forests.

The chefs all make their own curing, smoking and pickling and are at the forefront of new techniques to combine and prepare the ingredients in innovative ways.


René Redzepi

The chef at noma is the acclaimed chef René Redzepi, who previously worked at the Michelin restaurant Kong Hans Kælder and the prestigious and three-star Michelin restaurant El Bulli in Spain.

The restaurant started out as collaboration between René Redzepi and TV chef Claus Meyer back in 2003 and the name is a contraction of the two words Nordic and food.


Clean lines and cozy atmosphere

Noma is housed in a 250 year old warehouse, which is completely restored, so that the restaurant appears cozy and with clean lines. The restaurant is decorated with scrubbed walls and massive oak beams- and planks.

The chairs are Danish design from the 1950s designed by JL Møller in black leather and a rustic sheepskin over the backs of the chairs.


High demand

With the title as one of the world's best restaurants, there is great demand for places on noma. Both Danish and foreign guests want to book tables, and the restaurant is usually fully booked in 20 minutes when they open up for bookings. However, it is possible to get on the waiting list, in that case you can get a table if someone else cancels their reservation.