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Take it easy - feel at home. At Essens, they make feel-good food that takes time to cook. They will help you find the exact right beverage but will not tell long stories about the food nor the wine. However, if you have any questions, they will share all the details.


About the Essence

The essence of this restaurant is hygge, personality and quality. That’s why they chose to make a cozy atmosphere with a focus on feel-good food. Essens is a place for families, couples and others to enjoy a romantic and intimate atmosphere where formality isn’t a necessity. Therefore, here, you pour your own wine and get your own bread as if at home.


Experienced Head Chef

Restaurant Essens is in the middle of the shopping street of Frederikshavn. It opened in 2014 by Tonny Kristensen, who beforehand had worked at the acclaimed fish-restaurant Snerlen. With the work of Tonny and his team, Snerlen gained the title “Best Fish Restaurant of 2013” in The Danish Eating Guide (Den Danske Spiseguide).


The Best Fish Restaurant of 2019

Same as at Snerlen, Tonny Kristensen can boast of another title for his restaurant Essens. In 2019, the restaurant won Best Fish Restaurant 2019 as well as achieved three stars in the same guide, The Danish Eating Guide. The experience and high-quality given by Tonny and his team guarantee a fish experience you will never forget.


Down-to-earth, Feel-good and Delicious

The fish at Essens are local and bought from fishers in Strandby. They grow their own vegetables and have partnerships with local suppliers that contribute to the creativity they strive for at Essens. The chefs describe their menu as unique, and offer the best nature can provide for every season. Local ingredients and sustainability are key at Essens. The idea is to have a menu that is down to earth, feel-good and absolutely delicious.

The best fish-restaurant in Denmark 2019 is ready to serve you delicious dishes from Tuesday-Saturday from 17:30.


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